Kettlebells to Tone the Arms

Kettlebells to Tone the Arms

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Try to fatigue your arm muscles before 90 seconds to increase your chances of toning.

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When you are trying to tone your arms, a number of factors come into play. If there is any fat on your arms, the muscle below will not be as visible until it is gone. Your genetics will dictate how much muscle definition you are able to generate, and the effectiveness of your workout will influence the growth in your muscles. Kettlebells are effective because they often incorporate cardio, balance, flexibility and strength.

Single-Arm Row: Biceps

Begin at the top of a pushup with a kettlebell on the ground in your right hand and your left hand flat on the ground. Have your legs spread to shoulder-width apart and your toes touching the ground. Keep your core tight, and lift the kettlebell toward your right shoulder without rotating your torso. Hold for a few seconds before reversing direction and repeating for desired repetitions. This exercise also works your back and core.

Lunge Press: Triceps and Shoulders

Start with your feet hip width apart, and hold a kettlebell with both hands at your chest. Lunge forward and press both arms straight up so that the kettlebell goes above your head. Driving through your heel, push your body to the starting position, lowering the weight back to your chest. Switch legs and repeat for desired repetitions. This exercise also works your quadriceps.

Slingshot: Shoulders

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a kettlebell in both hands at your waist. Begin to rotate the kettlebell to your right, letting go with your left hand. Move the kettlebell around to the back of your body, swinging your left arm back as well. Preventing the kettlebell from touching anything but your hands, grab it with your left hand and bring it back around to your waist. Repeat for desired repetitions. This exercise also works your core and back.

Tips and Safety

Warm up before starting your routine and stretch after the warmup. When you're finished working out, stretch again. Stay hydrated throughout your workout, and if you feel lightheaded or dizzy, take a break. Keep breathing through all of your exercises. Exhale on the difficult portions and inhale on the easier parts.