The Ultimate Ab Work Out

The Ultimate Ab Work Out

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The ultimate ab workout includes moves that work every muscle in your core.

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When a tight, toned stomach is your goal, you must change everything from the foods you eat to the exercises you choose. The ultimate ab workout is one that works all the muscles in your core and creates definition alongside strength. Add weights to time-tested fitness moves to increase difficulty and enhance results.

Heave, Ho!

The standing lift uses a kettlebell or a single, heavy dumbbell to work the legs, hips, glutes, shoulders, back and abs. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, feet pressed firmly into the floor, holding your weight. Brace your abs and use your lower body to start bending your knees, sitting back into your hips, and reaching the ball down across the outside of your left leg. Stand up and swing your arms across your body and up to the right, pressing your hips forward. Repeat this motion for three sets of 10.

Raise It High

While you might be familiar with the plank, the elevated plank increases difficulty and works the entire core. Place your feet on a bench and your forearms on the ground with elbows bent and directly below your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles without any sagging in the back. Brace your core and squeeze your glutes. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat for three sets.

Change Up The Crunch

The arm pullover straight-leg crunch may have a difficult name but the move is highly effective. Take a pair of 10-lb. dumbbells and lie on your back with your arms behind you. Extend your legs at a 45-degree angle. Bring your arms up over your chest while lifting your shoulders off the ground. Simultaneously, raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the floor. Return to starting position without allowing your feet to touch the ground. Repeat this motion for three sets of 15.

Move Like Neo

The matrix move requires the use of a single 10-lb. dumbbell or medicine ball. Start by kneeling on the floor with your knees hip-width apart. Sit up tall and press the weight against your core. Slowly begin leaning back as far as possible while keeping your knees planted. Hold this reclined position for three seconds before using your core to return to starting position. Repeat for three sets of 15.